Our vehicles are fitted with the latest truck mounted  steam cleaning equipment, industry specific machinery and accessories. Our vehicles also carry portable steam cleaning equipment which gives us the versatility to access difficult areas.

Truck-mounted cleaning equipment

Our truck mounted machinery is the most powerful cleaning and extraction unit and delivers industry-leading heat, extraction performance.

Air Dryer

Designed specifically to increase the drying rate of any material, such as carpets, furniture, and even walls and ceilings. Our air dryers work by lifting the moisture from any surface up into the air, where the moisture is then collected and removed.


Our dehumidifiers pack state-of-the-art technology into the most compact design ever achieved for the restorative drying industry. Built for the toughest environments, stackable and easy to transport.

Portable Steam Cleaning Equipment

Our quality portable steam cleaning equipment allows us to tackle difficult to reach places. We can use the portable equipment for carpet/upholstery also tile and grout cleaning.


Specialised drying equipment that make it possible to dry out structures more quickly and with less invasive tactics. The aim is to limit the amount of replacement when drying out wet structures whenever possible, while at the same time, keep our environment healthy. They are needed to move the air from the compressor to the interior of the structure.

Moisture Readers and Detectors

Our equipment will rapidly find areas of potential excessive moisture in need of further investigation. The ability to search for moisture beneath floor and wall coverings make it an invaluable tool for building survey, fire and flood construction, indoor air quality and environmental health to structures from moisture buildup.