Antimicrobial Sanitising & Deep Cleaning Service

Our antimicrobial sanitising service helps protect your building, your staff and your customers.  

Our sanitising spray creates an antimicrobial barrier on surfaces. Kills 99.99% of harmful germs and protects surfaces up to 28 days. Can be used around children and adults Non-toxic and environmentally safe.

As a TGA-approved and Australian made sanitiser, the anti-microbial spray is suitable for application on internal surfaces in a wide variety of high traffic environments and safe to re-enter in just 30 minutes. 

After-hours application and ongoing monthly service plans available.  

How is it different from standard sanitising?

Our surface sanitising spray is an antimicrobial compound that contains the spread of 99.99% harmful germs. Unlike other sanitisation products, the compound bonds to surfaces, forming a transparent, protective film that kills germs for up to 28 days, protecting your people for longer. So, if a person touches a surface, any germs and bacteria they leave behind are killed, keeping the next person to contact the surface protected from contamination. Standard sanitising a surface is only protected until it becomes contaminated again, for example, from touching and sneezing.

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